Family, Professionalism and Responsibility since 1944

In 1944, the children of Transnistria, child survivors of the concentration camps in Romania, immigrated to Israel. Among them was Israel Schaumberger; He began working as an apprentice to a printer.  He progressed, prospered, and eventually went to Europe to learn the art of printing money and stamps. In the early 1950s, he was promoted to manager of the printing press of Eyal Printing (Israel Export Offset Printing) which had recently been established by Benjamin Mintz (who later became Minister of the Postal Service) and son-in-law Jacob Mintzer.

From 1958 Israel Shaumberger, together with his cousin Aryeh Fox, gradually purchased Eyal Printing which specialized in exporting religious books to overseas communities. They also began printing for local clients who demanded export-quality work.

In 1987, Ehud, Israel's son, joined the Eyal printing business, which continued to expand and develop. They purchased a bookbindery in 1992, and began a packaging department in 2010.  In recent years, they developed logistics services with transport and distribution to the printing industry.

Today, after more than seventy years of activity, Eyal Printing is run by Ehud and his wife Dalit.  The company is famous for its unparalleled quality and precision work and versatility; made possible by long-term experienced family management, a talented and devoted team and state-of-the-art equipment. Eyal Printing is well equipped to meet your printing needs.

Israel Export Offset Printing (Eyal Printing) is one of the oldest printers in Israel, licensed/certified for exporting for almost 60 years.  Eyal Printing is run by second generation owners in a friendly family enterprise that maintains superior professional standards.